Baby Shower Vintage Tea Party for 30 in London - Package 1

This was a dinner party for 6 ladies where Vintage Fairy adorned the table with fairy lights, candles, drift wood and mismatched quirky crystal and china ware sprinkled with rose petals to give it that ever so charming Vintage look and feel.

This was a Baby Shower Vintage  Tea Party for which the Vintage Fairy styled and set up the venue and adorned it with quirky tea pots, flowers, strings of pearls and fairy lights, cake stands, buntings and butterflies.

Ladies Vintage Dinner Party for 6 in London - Package 1

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Rakhee Shah — “I have to say you did a remarkable job in decorating my house for my baby shower and I cannot express how truly beautiful it looked and the effort you made into making it something for me to remember and talk to my little one about. Your attention to the finest detail from the little butterflies to the ornate teapots was stunning. You have a great eye for detail and your co-ordination of colours, themes and artistic flare shines through your work. I can see that the passion you have is positive and radiates in your work.”


Rima Malde — “The vintage theme organised by Pihu at the Baby Shower was a beautiful and memorable event. The vintage decor was stunning and very elegant. Pihu I must commend you on the presentation. The passion you have was shown in your artistic display. I was also further impressed by your attire. The subtle sophistication mixed with the element of fun made the event a very memorable one. Wishing the Vintage Fairy ultimate success and I'm sure that people will be mesmerised with your magical touch.”




Morag Singh — “Pihu I was very impressed with the ambience you created...I think it was the best set up for a party I have been to. It felt like I was in a homely hotel wedding reception or fancy bar—thank you for the effort you put into the nice ambience”.