Schedule of Upcoming Projects, Past Events and News

· The Vintage Fairy has now her most beautiful Vintage Fairy Wedding Dress for that special someone who wants to have a Unique Vintage Wedding and wishes for me to stylize their attire and  event. Contact me for further details on the above.

Past Projects - July and Aug 2012

· 15/07/12 and 26/08/12 - 2 Baby Showers - Please see Previous Projects for photos of both these events.

Vintage Fairy

Past Events

Transform your party ambience into an enchanting Vintage Fairy Dream

· The Vintage Fairy Evening in Café Delicious on 17 Nov 2012 was a brilliant success and many people have come back asking when I will be having my next party so please watch the space for further information. Photos of the Vintage Fairy evening are available on my face book page.

· The Vintage Fairy’s “Fairy (Baby)Shower” in July 2013 was a wonderful success. The party was completely transformed into a magical space filled with fine wine and a delicious spread of home made cakes displayed on ornate vintage crockery. The ambience was filled with falling angels and flying unicorns from chandeliers amongst old victorian doll prams, beautifully illustrated ancient 1st edition books and immaculately dressed mannequins. There was a photo shoot that was arranged as well for the mum to be. Lots of quirky bits and bobs filled the space and the whole theme flowed naturally connected by poetry.