Vintage Fairy Packages

By using any of the packages mentioned below you can put your mind at ease as I will use my skill, passion and beautiful mismatched yet quirky vintage items from my “Fairy” collections to transform your party into an enchanting Vintage Fairy Dream.


Text Box: This includes 2 types of Stylising and Setting Up as follows:
1. General Stylising and Setting Up.
2. Place Settings for every seated guest.
1. General Stylising & Setting Up - the price will be a minimum of £300 basic and can range upwards depending on the total price of the items chosen to be displayed from the itemised list which will be provided once an order is placed with Vintage Fairy. Anything ordered over and above the minimum amount of £300 will be charged as per the price list. Please see the products page to get an idea of some of the items available and how they may be used in a display.
General Stylising includes vintage table ware such as milk and tea pots, duo and trio tea sets, sugar bowls, crystal sweet jars, crystal vases with floral arrangements, crystal fruit bowls, crystal glasses, cake plates/stands, decorations such as table cloths, buntings, fairy lights, candles and any other relevant accessories and props needed for the display. It also includes the cost incurred for 1 pre event meeting (within reasonable distance), pre sourcing for a special request and washing up the items after the event (please see terms and conditions for point 4 referring to typical travel charges and point 9 referring to washing up). Please contact me directly for an itemised list.
2. Place Settings for every individual guest - the price will range from £20 onwards per head and will include either a duo or trio set of tea cup, saucer and side plate which will be presented beautifully with cutlery, crystal ware, napkins with rings and other items to make a personalised place setting special to each individual guest. You can chose to either add or delete items according to your requirements. 
Please note, the price for place settings per head is not included within the General Stylising of the venue and will be charged over and above the basic minimum amount of £300 or any higher value as the case may be and as stated under point 1 above.

Package 1

Style & Set Up Only. (minimum 8 people)

Text Box: This includes Package 1 and we can discuss Tea and Fairy cakes with “The Little House of Baking” from their Vintage Tea Party menus click here. 
For prices of Stylising & Setting up please refer to package 1 for details.

Package 2

Style and Set Up with  Vintage Style Tea.

For prices of Stylising & Setting up your event and prices per head (please refer to package 1 for details).

I can create personalized handmade poetry invites for your guests which will range from £6 upwards per head 

I will personalise the favours for you. Prices can be discussed depending on how fancy you want the packaging to be. Finally I will provide Vintage Games equipment for your guests ranging from Vintage badminton, to Croquet and card games. The price of this will range from a minimum of £100 upwards to supply the equipment requested.

Package 3

Style & Set Up including Personalised Handmade Invites, Favours

& Vintage Fairy Games.

Stylising & Setting up of your venue and prices per head (please refer to package 1 for details).

Styling the Hostess — prices will include sourcing the dress and accessories according to size and/or hiring it out from the Vintage Fairy collection. This will depend on time taken to source/travel/alterations/ cost price etc.

Finally I will organize Vintage Fairy Music to add a touch of enchanting charm and finesse to your party. Again this will depend on the type of music you request and how much the musician charges including my organizing for them to play at your event.

Please note the price for the 2 points above can be discussed and agreed upon once interest is shown in this package.

Package 4

Style & Set Up, stylising the Hostess and organising live music for your party (please note will need  minimum 1 months notice for arranging music)

Vintage Fairy

Text Box: Please note most importantly
If there is anything from the above packages that you wish to mix and match or have a requirement that is not mentioned above please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your thoughts. I am a very flexible fairy and will consider your request and get back to you asap.
Transform your party ambience into an enchanting Vintage Fairy Dream

Package 5

Weddings and Anniversaries


I can stylise your Wedding or Anniversary for you giving it that special Vintage feel. This will require you to give me a minimum of 5 months notice or more. Prices of this package will depend on your budget and requirements and can be discussed at the time of booking.