About Vintage Fairy


                                                                  It is all about the feeling you get when you enter a space. If it makes one feel almost elated, lifts your spirits and the objects you see on your wander transport you into another world, then consider this magic...and how beautiful would it be if this world was a unique, charming and wondrous Vintage Fairy Dream.                                 

                                                                  So here is my story

Ever since I was young, I had an eye for unusual bric-a-brac items. This quirkiness of-course, soon turned into somewhat of a hobby and now a real passion.  England, known for its enchanting forests and flowers from which magical faeries, pixies, and vintage evolved , has inspired me to bring back to life the historical beauty of this land and spread the magic amongst family and friends.  Through this love for vintage I have furthered my collection with an array of unique tea pot sets to dinner ware from my “Fairy Flowers and Forest” collections including exquisite crystal pieces bursting with intricate Vintage Fairy charm. Thus finally, I have now set-up a small, yet evolving business which has impressed many friends and clients in many countries and will undoubtedly delight and meet the needs of any prospective client. Do take out some time to browse through my website, and feel free to leave your comments. 

                                                                  My first steps

A close friend of mine asked me to stylise her place for her baby shower.  Sprinkling some of my magical pixie dust, lots of passion and using my unique styling and setting up skills I transformed her lounge into an ambience which oozed charm and sophistication. Listening to all the fantastic feedback from the guests, encouraged me to slowly yet surely extend this service to a wider audience. I can make any venue come alive into an enchanting Vintage Fairy dream. You may look once but will definitely look again to absorb and feel the detail and intricacy of my set ups. Every aspect will have a wow factor and a signature surprise of the Vintage Fairy’s magic.


                                                                   My interior design background extends through to my passion for styling and setting up my party venues. Furthermore my love for poetry and the fact that in 2006 I exhibited my poems for a period of 3 weeks in “The Garden Gallery” In Osterley Park helps me to create personalised handmade poetry invites, attractive favours, artistic place settings and thank you notes for your guests as per your requirements. I can also stylize the hostess with the vintage dress of your choice from the number of vintage dresses I have (subject to size) or I can source one according to size especially just for you, including jewellery and accessories to match.

Vintage Fairy

Transform your party ambience into an enchanting Vintage Fairy Dream